a win at The Barai....

This was a very deserving prize to win and sorry to all the Business Chicks who entered but did not win.  THE BARAI is a truly special spa resort set within a tranquil and spiritual sanctuary, that offers luxurious residential spa accommodation, as well as an extensive range of spa treatments and lifestyle programs.

Guests who choose to stay at THE BARAI will experience a complete spa journey the entire spa experience is integrated into all aspects of the guest’s stay. The Barai Suite - the residential spa accommodation - to the wellness and spa treatment therapies, lifestyle programs, to the relaxation and dining at McFarland House restaurant.

And the winning ladies on their return had this to say....

"The Barai literally took my breath away. After a year of battling cancer, my friend and I wanted a gentle, healing journey and we found that in spades. The suite was enormous and beautifully designed with sumptuous  textures and a contemporary feel. The grounds were perfectly tended and I loved our pool which was like a hidden glade or glen. Private, quiet and utterly peaceful.
The food at MacFarlane House was delicious and culturally interesting, the  - complimentary pre dinner snacks were extremely generous and varied as was the wine list which I wasn't expecting. 
The staff were courteous and professional. They literally could not do enough. I am not sure how I can live without Jan, my ever-ready butler. 
Without a doubt the highlight of the week was our daily visit through earth, air, water and fire at the Barai. Our professional massages, facials and vichy spa treatments were top quality. Relaxing, therapeutic and healing. 
Finally thank you Karen from Spa Wellness Travel for arranging everything. Our travelling experience was effortless and seamless."

Samantha Taylor                                                                 Pia Kryger
Xphyr Brand Experiences                                                   Pay Hughes Gallery

The Barai Suite - treatment room

Thai Massage

Outdoor treatment room 

McFarland House

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