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I live by the sea and love being in the ocean and after a swim giving my feet and hands a rub with sand, so it was only natural when I discovered Saltie Soul I was curious.  Curious to their claims: "Summer holiday skin all year round", "you do not have to swim in the ocean everyday to experience ocean benefits".
You see, my showering ritual is combined with a body scrub or dry body brush every few days and if the opportunity arises to have a thalasso bath or a floatation tank session, which both involve salt water and offer benefits to physical and mental wellbeing, I'm in.
So, after experiencing Saltie Soul's delightful package of Sea Scrub - detoxify, nourish, exfoliate - I wanted to chat with creator, Katie, who lives on the NSW coast, to discover more....

SWT: Katie, can you tell us a bit about Saltie Soul?
Saltie Soul brings you the natural goodness from the sea in a freshly formulated range of plant and mineral based, skincare products.

SWT: How long did it take to create Saltie Soul and what enticed you to get into it?
It all started when I was teenager and had bad acne and eczema, I grew up far away from the sea, however I noticed that all my skin troubles cleared up when I was on holiday and constantly dipping in and out of the sea. I started bringing bottled sea water home to wash my face with, it worked while it lasted. Since then I have been developing products that closely mimic the benefits of sea water and deeply nourish my skin, ones that don’t contain nasty chemicals and skin irritants. Saltie Soul official launched last year and is based on the Saltie formulations I used to create, only with the added help of some clever cosmetic chemists. 
SWT: How long have you been involved with the spa and wellness lifestyle?
Maintaining wellness and living a healthy lifestyle is always something I have unconsciously done. Prior to Saltie Soul I spent 8 years working in various health & wellness based industries including natural skincare and functional foods.

SWT: How does what you do benefit others?
We allow others to benefit from the natural goodness from the sea without having to swim in the Ocean everyday. We hope our products help those with troubled skin through the addition of mineral Rich Dead Sea Salts and high quantities of effective ingredients such as Cucumber Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Coconut Oil. We also take a strong stance on being “Ocean Friendly” by ensuring all our products are and always will be Micro Bead Free and never tested on animals.

SWT:  What’s your aim and wish for the future?
Our aim is to extend our range, and do that soon. Our wish is to be able to do more to protect the Ocean and create more awareness for endangered sea animals, we currently create some awareness on this topic through our social media however this is a core part of our business and one we are very keen to grow. Our products are inspired by the ocean and are rich in skin loving minerals thanks to our unique blend of naturally harvested sea salts, we believe it is important to give back to the Ocean and protect it and all those that call it home the best we can. As we grow we aim to induce products to raise awareness for various Ocean based charities/volunteer based organisations. The ultimate dream is to have our own foundation that does real research on how we can genuinely protect Ocean species such as the beautiful Vaquita Dolphin who are near extinct with less than 100 left in the world.

SWT: A cheeky question, what’s your little vice?
Red Liquorice!

And it was also fabulous to discover there's a good range to choose from and I'm glad I've still got a few scrubs left in packet in the bathroom. 

Because we love Saltie Soul's efforts in creating a wholesome body scrub and bring awareness to the wellbeing of sea creatures, we are delighted to offer you are complimentary Saltie Soul gift when you book a Spa Wellness Travel package.  Gifts are limited. 

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