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As we move closer to summer and endure these peculiar weather conditions of  one day being warm and sunny while the next the sky's thick with dark clouds and raining?

These days of inconsistent weather can upset the light-hearted who has a fitness regime that involves the great outdoors, as there may be a tendency to give up. But don’t! Remember you have options, to push through it and endure the elements, change your location – go indoors - or change the time of day that you exercise or opt for a different form of exercise.  Don’t give up, your weekly exercise gives you so much!

Then beyond these turbulent weather conditions, we have the joys of the festive season which will soon be upon us and for many this may involve work functions and social gatherings, shopping and preparations for Christmas and New Years Eve.  In short this brings an opportunity to over indulge in the 'party' food and beverage arena.  If you want to look radiant and feel fabulous during this season, it is going to be a matter of keeping your mind-body-spirit balanced. This, being your mind-body-spirit, can all easily kilter with the temptations of the festive season not to mention the weather, so be warned.

But I'm going to give you a few simple reminders to help you look and feel good during the next few months.  Another way people are keeping their mind-body-spirit balance is that they are embracing and taking-off  to retreat and rejuvenate with a spa wellness package holidaying at either a spa health retreat or spa resort during this of time year.

Remember you have choices and options, so go on and enjoy these summer days and the festive season, but look at your options.  The choice is yours!
Here are some of my tips that will help you look radiant and feel good:

MIND – try and maintain a daily practice of meditation. Ideally its best to have your first mediation on waking, so that it puts you in good stead for the day. Then throughout the day engage in moments of meditation where you can to relax and ease the mind. Take advantage of time when you're standing in a que, slow down and be mindful of being in the moment when eating or drinking or if so pressed for 'you time' ...use the loo! Take some time to breathe. Take a breath in counting 123 and out counting 123 repeat this three times, then for your next three breaths count in 321 and then out 321. It would be great if you can continue to extend your count beyond three, but importantly remember to focus on your breathing and quietly count.
Amanpulo - meditation, yoga and pilates pavillion
BODY – be responsible for your being.  If you're calendar is starting to get laden with social and work functions which entail a free-for-all consumption of food and beverages, stop and weight up if you need to attend them all and if you do and you're more than happy to, then great.  But be mindful of what you’re putting into your mouth, slash body, as that is where its going to end up…most likely sitting on your waistline. Try and keep all to moderation and keep some form of exercise routine during this time.  The balance of consumption and burn off, will make getting back into your regular routine in the new year not as arduous.  Also, to keep a radiant look through the coming festive season remember to “sleep well and eat well”, stay hydrated and replenished by drinking water and do keep your skin moisturised - it all makes a difference!

in two beauty - stay hydrated
SPIRIT – stay peaceful.  Keep a smile on your face. Give a smile to a random person. Happily and gracious enjoy conversation with those around you. If you go to or wish to say something negative, stop and question yourself…"Do I really need to say this?"  If someone is being a goose or carrying on like a pork-chop, don’t get caught up in responding unless you are going to offer words of kind support and ease. 

wowcher celebrations
If you're interested in escaping the festive season or a wanting a change of environment or climate visit send us a message via book or call us to discuss your spa wellness package and reservations. 

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