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Its a practice that was recommended to me when I went to an Ayurveda practitioner in 2007 when I was on a mission to find support and maintenance for my well-being after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The reading material provided to me regarding Ayurveda and this practice of tongue scraping or cleaning made sense to me and now if I go a few days without it, I feel the difference in my mouth. And that's what has prompted me to write this post.  I recently left my eight year old tongue scraper in a hotel room. Searching high and low to no avail to where I my tongue scraper may be, I had to concede I'd lost it or more to the point left it behind. I do giggle at the thought of what housekeeping may ponder the instrument to be!  

The Ayurveda practitioner who I once visited has moved interstate, so this meant I had to shop online and this is a discomfort for me. I just not interested in it. So, I google, found a site with an Australian phone, yes, I did phone and then I made the purchase.  To make the postage for this simple light weight item worthwhile, I thought best to buy a few.  My mum was the room, so I asked her if she'd like one, she responded with rolled eyes and big puff of breathe.  But I explained the process and what I've been doing, so she then succumbed with an "ok" and I bought another for a friend, who I'm sure will embrace the dare I say "cleanse".
My purchase was made with BioVeda , I did speak with them on the phone, as I mentioned, I'm not savvy to shopping online. 

Here's a little extract on the technique and benefit of Tongue Scraping, but do click above to discover more:
One of the best ways to keep the tongue healthy is by scraping it daily. This removes overnight build-up of bacteria and toxins on the tongue. Rather than brushing the tongue, which will only push bacteria and toxins into the tongue, this is done with a tongue scraper or spoon. To do this, extend the tongue and place the scraper as far back on the tongue as comfortable.
Using one long stroke, gently pull the scraper forward so that it removes the unwanted coating on the tongue. Rinse the scraper and begin again if necessary. Ayurveda says that scraping the tongue should only be done in the morning on an empty stomach. Scraping the tongue is a good way to start to observe the tongue and as a result, the health of the internal organs.

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