Aerial Yoga

Its origins stem from New York as Anti-Gravity Origins which was created by Christopher Harrison in 1991, who's a world-class gymnastic specialist and Broadway dancer.  The use of a hammock or silks are suspended to allow for the movement, athletic power and fitness to flow into yoga.

Now you are able to experience aerial yoga at Alila Villas Uluwatu in private classes conducted at the resort's stylish Sunset Cabana, floating above the cliff edge.   In this elevated position, you're suspended a meter above the ground with the hammock partially or fully supporting the weight of your body. During the practice you're guided, so you are able to go deeper into the asanas and hold them for longer.  It is also said that you're able to explore a greater range of movement and achieve positions that maybe more difficult to experience on the ground, such as inverted positions, allowing greater variety to the yoga practice.

Among the many benefits of aerial yoga is the decompression of the spine, as your body hangs freely, relieving tension and promoting proper posture and alignment through relaxation rather than effort. As you move through the aerial workout, almost every part of your body is forced to move and stretch, toning and strengthening and rehabilitating your muscles and joints.

The resident yogi Nyoman Warta has shared his love of yoga with students for over fifteen years, his spiritual essence and intuitive healing movements, breathing and sense of touch allows him to customise yoga classes to meet the needs of the individual.

Now, its your turn to discover Nyoman's guidance combined with aerial yoga as you stretch suspended with views of the Indian Ocean.

Classes can be booked individual or you can experience our 4 Night Spa Wellness package.

aerial yoga

aerial yoga
aerial yoga

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and a three bedroom villa for your stay

Cannot wait to experience aerial yoga at the amazing Alila Villas Uluwatu, then if in Melbourne you can visit:
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