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Its interesting once you've been inducted and exposed to the world of breast cancer, it some how surrounds you and grabs hold of you.  Personally, I'm not out there donning myself in pink clothing or attending every pink event in arms reach.  But somewhere along the line you want to give back, it very much has been that weird but grateful journey.

In 2008 Spa Wellness Travel (Spa Travel back then) organised a four night retreat to Tasmania, walking the stunning Bay of Fires before having our final night in Hobart with a rejuvenating spa treatment and wholesome dinner.  Monies from this retreat were donated to the McGrath Foundation.
Then 2011 we gathered women again for a 'Bathe, Scrub and Enjoy!' at the Peninsula Hotsprings, we discussed the benefits of self-examining your breasts and auctioned a fabulous array spa and wellness gifts and donated monies to the McGrath Foundation and then 2013 further dollars where donated.  It was the breast care nurses support and assistance to whom we were giving gratitude.

This time the Bali Pink Ribbon has gained my attention.  With the Revive~a breast cancer~Retreat set for September in Bali, I asked Bambu Indah, which is our stunning lodgings on our last night on retreat, if there was any assistance or gift that could be given to the women attending the retreat. The response was a gift, a $10 discount on our guided nature walk, after further discussions and pondering it was decided the monies would be donated to a charity.  I had visited an oncology hospital in Malaysia and had a Balinese friend who are few years ago informed me his cousin contracting breast cancer.  We have wonderful support here in Australia, so it was only fitting that we support the women in Bali who've been touched by breast cancer.

This was further driven home, when recently a friend who lives between Australia and Bali, asked if I knew where to buy a mastectomy bra?  Hello, of course I do, I wear one daily!  My friend was leaving for Bali the next day, it was his Balinese friend who lives in a remote village who asked if he could buy a mastectomy bra for his wife, who was finding the transition distressing and uncomfortable after her surgery for breast cancer. So, the bra was purchased and he flew out to Bali with a message for his friend to contact Bali Pink Ribbon. 
Having had already spoken with Bali Pink Ribbon several times, I was now in contact asking if they assisted women and were they in need of mastectomy and surgery bras and prosthesis?  The response was a yes and of gratitude. Now I am joyfully gathering the bras and prosthesis to take with us on the Revive~a breast cancer~Retreat to hand over to Bali Pink Ribbon, as well has monies from our guided nature walk.  

The day after speaking with Gloria from Bali Pink Ribbon regarding their services and support we can offer, she advised me of this...
"Last night we had total 17 people came + 6 volunteers and we share about bra after mastectomy to them.  They respond very positive and we donate to 6 ladies each got 2 set of bra and prosthesis. For some of them who needs scarf we also give and teach them how to use it.
It was such huge joy to see them very happy and grateful when Ibu Gaye and volunteer (Bali Pink Ribbon founder) helped them to choose the fit one for them.  The thing is we ran out size 36, lucky none of them request the size!"

"As I send also the photo of the Doctor who had consultation with the man. Actually, his wife is still in hospital regarding breast cancer disease and he came to see what we actually do.  He was attending the talk for his wife. Its touching moment, after all of us making bracelet (as a healing therapy) he hold the bracelet and kissed it and said, "this is for my wife, I believe she can make it through all
the process, thanks for the prayer for her"."
" The fact that people who come to Support Group not only patients or survivor but also their loved ones is a good thing for us, they need someone to encourage to be strong also.  thank you."
Doctor speak with patients and family

Gayle giving assistance

Bali Pink Ribbon bracelet making
Bambu Indah - guided nature walk
We will be gathering and accepting mastectomy and surgical bras, as well as prosthesis until Monday 10 August 2015.If you have any of the mentioned to donate please contact Spa Wellness Travel via phone: 03-5254 1411.   Gifts beyond the Geelong or Melbourne area will need to be delivered to us. Your support and donates will be greatly appreciated.

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