Revive ~ a breast cancer ~ Retreat

Revive ~ come or bring back to consciousness, life, existence, vigour, notice or use, activity, validity or vogue

There are components of life that are lost when and after being diagnosed with breast cancer.  For me, it was an unexpected announcement of a reoccurrence breast cancer, this time it wasn't shock but probably more anger.  Being dumbfounded with the, how?  But life is what it is.  Living in the moment and receiving support from within my world and outside of it, made a difference to having to surrender and do it alone, for that I’m grateful.   

After the mastectomy I was to commence three months of chemotherapy followed by monthly injections of zoladex.  It was a dreary and confined Victorian winter.  I was lucky to have visitors; my parents stayed now and then, friends, local town people and clients were kind delivering conversation, love and concern, flowers, gifts to help the cause, meals and chocolate big M’s .

By mid-October, I had lost a boob, hair, work momentum and my mojo, I was struggling.  I had planned that by the end of September having finished chemo the end of August, I would be back on track, ready to face and get on with all that life involved.  But for me, it was not the case. I was teary.  I felt lost.  Nothing seemed to have purpose.  I just felt my cogs - mechanisms for life were slipping, not connecting; I was not getting that grip that I should have been to simply get on with life joyfully.

Then one day expressing this to a dear friend on the phone, to whom I never got teary with, but this day I did, she responded with “you need a strategy”.  Yes.  I said,” yes, that's what I need”.  So, that gave me something, some concept to hang on to.  It resonated with me and gave me the purpose to take control and take some positive action and to make change to my existence. It may sound absurd, but it was a strange moment in life. 

At the start of my treatment, a wonderful friend had offered me the opportunity to retreat at their villa in Nusa Lembongan, Bali.  I always smiled and declined, because, how could I do that.  I needed to change my environment, find some stimulus and now with the thought of strategy, I asked if we could go.  By mid-November, she and I were taking off.  It was funny and weird to be out of my small coastal environment, being in a bright lit airport with my very short grey hair!  But my three week journey was the medicine I needed at that time.  I had travelled the world before; I knew I could do it! But I still had to take a few deep breathes and accept a few tears along the way.

After having the comfort and reassurance of my friend for that week, I was looking forward to stepping off into the world on my own.  For me going off and exploring hotels and destinations with a few work meetings along way, gave me my groove.  I had revived and found a little part of me again.  I could observe and laugh at myself and the experiences I was having.  I needed the fresh outlook, the stimulus beyond my home and a small coastal environment.  Coming home was fun, I felt revived, happy and ready to get on with my life.

If you’re a women who has been touched by breast cancer or if you know of anyone who has, who may be interested in joining the Revive ~ a breast cancer ~ Retreat in Bali, 11-16 September.  Please share this where you can because this retreat may just be that little something that is needed for her-someone to feel “Revived”.

Life for me is very much about the Mind-Body-Spirit and I’m delighted that this “Revive~a breast cancer~ Retreat” is focused on embracing activities, new experiences, laughter and support.
Spa Wellness Travel will be offering a donations and support to Bali Pink Ribbon from this retreat.

On our "Revive~a breast cancer~Retreat" we will be handing over mastectomy and surgical bras, as well as prosthesis.  Please, if you have any donations or contributions you can make towards this cause let us know.  We will be collecting donations until Monday 10 August 2015.  

For further information and Reservations call:  03-5254 1411 and visit

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