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Detox is a word that we see flashed on TV screens, printed on a box of tea, featured in a glossy mag and on a banner promoting a fresh fruit or veggie juice, if you know of another place leave a comment, would love to read it. You see it, but do you know what it is? Our Spa Travel glossary defines DETOX as

The cleansing of the inner body of accumulated toxins in the way of diet, exercise or potions for a healthier and clear appearance and feeling.

Diet, exercise and potions we’ll keep for another day.  I want you to stop and imagine your immediate life without your phone, without your iPod, without your tablet, without alarms and bells and whistles going off.  Seems odd and difficult to imagine?  Well, maybe you should just do yourself a favour and retreat without all your technology gadgets for a day, a weekend or a week long retreat if possible.   Even whilst away on a leisure holiday lazing at a resort or cruising the big seas, our mind and body can still get stirred and influenced by the ever stimulating buzz of digital gadgets. So, give thought and consideration to where you would go for a Digital Detox!
Just like a regular detox the initial onset may be an anchoring for the taste or a mouthful of what you are use to consuming, but with a digital detox it will be anchoring and fidgeting for that one more touch or just one more look.
But, use the strength of:
  • living in the moment, make a conscious thought to acknowledge what your mind and body is feeling at that present moment
  • triggering your mind to think of something happy to make you smile
  • getting up or out to participate in an activity or exercise
  • chipping away at each time you think of your gadgets of doing something else

The downfall of being too attached and consumed by your digital gadgets is that you may be:
  • feeling deprived of sleep or suffering from insomnia
  • missing out on communicating purposefully with friends, family or colleagues
  • getting anxious wondering why people are not responding to your status' or call outs
  • feeling angry or short tempered, as your gadgets time after time freeze or die
  • feeling stressed and distracted as that digital gadget continuously disrupts you!

Take time away. Bliss out. Eat wholesome food. Enjoy a laugh. Chat with a stranger.
Thinking you'd love to step away longer than a day or a weekend from your digital gadgets?  Go on I dare you….

Here I recommend these spa and wellness programs. 
There’s no TV in the room or iPod doc.  Yes, there is a communal library, scheduled actives and places to relax and time catch up on that book…

Kamalaya Koh Samui – 4 Nights Relax & Renew

The Farm, Philippines – 4 Night Detox Cleanse

Kamalaya Koh Samui, Thailand – 3 or 5 Night Intro to Detox
The Farm

Kamalaya Koh Samui
To discuss the Detox programs further or any other spa and wellness experience, contact Spa Travel 
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