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It's a joy and of interest reading and interacting with professionals and persons who give consideration to well-being.  I, personally sit in an interesting spot.  I grew up having a relationship with my grandmother who grew up where owning a TV, telephone, car or consuming fast food was the way of life. I speak with my mum and dad, they weren’t privy to dining-out or take-away fast food meals or packaged snacks in their upbringing.  Yet, my childhood memories of the seventies entail a fun-filled 10th birthday celebratory lunch at McDonald's followed by a pool party at home (more packaged snacks) and dance-off competition, where judge - Dad, gave mini-mars bars as prizes. Yes, we had homemade meal each night, but we had packed cereal, biscuits, chips, flavoured milk and soft-drinks within our pantry and fridge. 
As illnesses such as cancer, obesity and heart-attacks become the epidemic of the 21st century, we have to stop and look at our lifestyle and ask why? Look again and be responsible for our own personal change.  Look at what's being consumed, look at our work-life balance and where does social and physical activity fit within it. Is life balanced or is it in excess in some areas?  As, yourself the question, it is interesting to stop and look.
If you’re some who has been touched by cancer or you know someone who has, the following may be of interest and hopefully it is. Inflammation and cancer do have a relationship. You may have heard of or listened to persons, such as Ian Gawler, who are out-and-about speaking about their cancer experience.  What you'll most likely hear is they changed their diet, incorporated intentional meditation, regular exercise and changes towards happiness and reducing stress and negativity in their life.  These changes can help to eliminate or reduce inflammation in the body. 
Here is an interesting study being conducting on the effect of yoga on inflammation

A study will begin in the US this December to test the effectiveness of yoga in tackling the inflammation commonly suffered by cancer patients, caused either by tumours or treatments.A form of yoga therapy, developed at the University of Rochester Medical Center, called “Yocas”, has been devised for cancer patients and survivors. Patients will practice this form of yoga at home after learning the yoga technique during four weeks of classes. They will then be monitored for a number of months afterwards to see whether the relaxation or physical conditioning aspects of Yocas will reduce inflammation in cancer sufferers.

The study will be led by Dr Karen Mustian from the Wilmot Cancer Institute. Mustian previously led a study which found that yoga intervention improved cancer patients’ sleep quality.

The study will be led by Dr Karen Mustian from the Wilmot Cancer Institute. Mustian previously led a study which found that yoga intervention improved cancer patients’ sleep quality.

I look forward to hearing results from the study. 

Until then, Dr Homer Lim from The Farm, Philippines offers a few dietary tips on how to reduce inflammation:
  • Eat fresh greens, as well as drinking vegetable juices
  • Turmeric, a spice used in curries, add that to your home cooked meals
  • Refresh with herbal teas like green, rooibos, rosehip as they are excellent anti-inflammatory agents
  • Foods that are high in protein and fruits high in fructose sugar are pro-inflammatory, so reduce them!

 Here is further information and studies related to yoga >

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Note: Spa Travel does not promote alternative practices as the only source of treatment for illness.  Research and contact practitioners that suit your needs and requirements. 

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