winter breakfast...rustic porridge

Whether you are conscious of it or not, most of us eat according to the seasons.  We love warmer heavier cooked foods in the cooler seasons, whilst during the warmer seasons we favour lighter fresh meals such as a can add to this list.

A week-day breakfast that I love eating during winter is porridge.  Mention porridge to people and you'll get reactions such as "where do you get time to cook it?", "do you microwave it?", "yuk, tasteless food!" and the comments go on.

Add 10 minutes to you morning and get into porridge, its yum and wholesome.

Here are a few steps to get you in the groove...
1.  soak a serving of oats with water in a pot for 10-15 minutes. I use this time to shower and get dressed.
2. put the pot on the stove at medium heat. Swirling or stirring every-now-and-then.
3. once it comes to the boil, turn heat down and stir the porridge, until its blended and at your desired consistency.  You'll discover whether you prefer your porridge drier or wetter.  For a wetter consistency, simply add a little more water.
4. serve your porridge in a bowl with chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, cinnamon and almond milk. Organic when/where possible.
5. don't even consider a sweetener, microwaving or those fancy ready flavoured options.
6. simply enjoy....

PS. the other day, when staying at an elderly friends house, she made porridge for my breakfast and laced it with salt.  It was a flash back and reminder to how my dad makes porridge, but for me, I'm not interested in it.  So remember, you can create wholesome porridge however you like it!

rustic porridge

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