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The commercial surge of coconut products over the past few years is inspiring.  We have started to see and understand that the natural and fresh produce in all its forms has benefits.

A decade ago if you were to visit a Mandara Spa in Bali or Thailand coconut was featured on the spa menu because of the tropical location.  Today, here in Australia we have coconut products on our food and beauty shelves, as well as online. If you are intrigued to see a range of a quality product look here at Coconut Revolution.

New amongst the stunning spa resorts and spa health retreats within our Spa Travel Collection is Spa Village Resort Tembok’s, Head To Toe Coconut Care Treatment.  This two hour treatment will have your complete body feeling soft, smooth and looking radiant.

Head to Toe COCONUT CARE TREATMENT 120 minutes
The coconut tree has long been touted for its ability to provide countless health and beauty benefits. Traditional medicine all over the world has incorporated various elements of the tree, from the fruit to the leaves and even the root and trunk, to provide nourishment for the body and soul. Coconut products contain essential Vitamin E and antioxidants, which promote cell growth and tissue repair. They are commonly used topically to heal, hydrate and enrich the skin and hair, orally to nurture from within, and are easily combined with other natural oils and ingredients to provide superior care and nutrition. Its indisputable effectiveness in alleviating numerous symptoms and conditions, coupled with its ease of use and availability, has made the coconut an ever popular ingredient in both traditional and modern medicinal and cosmetic products.
Pure  unrefined and locally-produced coconut oil or lengis nyuh  is used because of its renowned therapeutic and beautifying properties. Fatty acids combine to even colour, close pores and disinfect. The heated oil massage will revitalise the skin while soothing both the body and mind.
A refreshing body polish with grated fresh coconut, Balinese salt, tamarind and finger root. The Balinese salt will help exfoliate dead skin, while the tamarind, well known for its antioxidant properties and ability to ease skin problems, combines with finger root to calm the skin and relax the muscles.
Coconut milk and oil have long been used to strengthen and moisturise hair. This rich, wonderfully scented treatment will leave hair feeling soft, smooth and silky, with the coconut milk hydrating the hair, while the juice of neem leaves and lime will clean and nourish the scalp.
Balinese face massage brings life and health to your skin, fresh coconut oil helps to enhance the energy transfer of the face to revitalise and moisturise, and prevent dull skin.
Young coconut water will be served as a post treatment refresher.

 Spa Village Resort Tembok is located in Bali and is the perfect place to bliss and retreat. For package costings and an exclusive Spa Travel gift, contact us on T:03-5254 1411 or your preferred travel agent today.

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