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Its been two weeks since surgery, thirteen months since my second diagnosis of breast cancer which has involved healing from a mastectomy, chemotherapy, finding energy and balance again in my life!
The statistics are now 1 in 8 women have a risk of developing breast cancer, treatments vary and can be grueling depending on the persons diagnosis.  Being given a diagnosis that has no rhyme-or-reason for its existing in my life, it is a very odd moment in life. From my first encounter with this 'bc' in 2007 its been a focus to keep my mind, body and spirit balanced. Life is a continual lesson!
Prior to my diagnosis I had never met a women who'd encountered breast cancer, now its friends and clients that are informing me of their diagnosis. It is mind boggling how this classification has increased, when I first experienced the realisation of breast cancer it was a statistics of 1 in 11. 
Reaching this point in life, I reflect as a reminder to keep using the power-blocks of positive thinking and wholesome living to enhance my well-being. What I embrace and what Spa Travel encourages is wholesome living - giving attention to your mind, body and spirit - it does not have to be fanatical, but it does definitely have to be wholesome.   
Is there any prevention to such an illness as breast cancer? Not that we have been informed of. So, what's best for you if you have to deal with the hearing of a diagnosis or any of the grueling treatments and for a speedy recovery from surgery is to have yourself in the best health. 

What I focused on a few months prior to surgery:
  • incorporating a bike ride into my weekly activity
  • taking a 45 minute morning power walk / running up and down some stairs 
  • swimming laps
  • morning salute to the sun
  • a green juice every morning - spinach, chia seeds, celery, cucumber, apple
  • only a couple of glasses of wine a week (don't mind a preservative free Merlot during the cooler months)
  • and I suggest eliminating as much processed food as possible

If you have the time and need the space, I encourage you take a Spa Travel experience and retreat.
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