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Love to know who is behind a product that you may or should use daily?  Well, I do and that's why it came to mind, that its time to speak with Jodie, an amazing woman who I meet many years ago because of the world of 'spa'.  Not likely a harsh or hard body brushing, Jodie suggested a brush for me and I love it, a quick brush before my daily shower and yes it eliminates...flaky skin!  And she's lovely.  Enjoy discovering more...

ST: What is your business regarding spa and wellness.  Please tell us a bit about it?
I'm the Director of Bodecare, I design eco-friendly dry body brushes and have organic body oils to compliment the brushing.  I have loved to dry body brush for over sixteen years, my inspiration to start a business selling dry body brushes came because I always suffered from dry skin and found dry body brushing kept my skin, smooth and hydrated.
Dry Body Brushing is a passion of mine and over the years I have been supported by many Naturopaths and large organic skin care companies who also believe in dry brushing and the many health benefits that it can provide.
At Bodecare's online store I have many body brushes which are toxic free, they have not been sprayed with chemicals and eco-friendly as they are FSC certified timber, vegan friendly and I'm thrilled they are sold world-wide.

ST: how long have you been in the spa/wellness arena and what enticed you to get into it? 
I have officially been in the industry for eight years now, but practicing health and wellness and dedicated to skin care since birth I think!  It's my hobby, I just love it.

ST: what makes you happy in life?
I love being with my family and friends, watching my kids have fun, staying healthy by playing tennis, walking my cute Beagle puppy 'Bingo'.  I also lover really good food and need balance, so i try my best to balance work, rest and play. I regularly have my own spa treatments in my bathroom - relaxation music, candles, facials, body masks, dry brushing of course, hair treatments, name it!  If you can do it at a spa, I've practiced it in my bathroom.   I am a bit of a spa junky as well, so this is something I make time for every month.

ST: how does what you do benefit others?
Dry brushing has helped my clients with skin conditions like Eczema, Psoriasis, Keratosis Pilaris, scaly skin, thin skin, acne prone skin, flaky scalp and thin hair. I have helped mature age clients turn back time, giving their skin a youthful glow, giving them the confidence to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts again.  I have helped clients with chronic dry acne, smooth and clear their skin, which gives them back their life, to get out with their friends and meet new people.

ST: what's your wish for the future?
To stay healthy and happy is top of the list and also to continue to introduce even more eco-friendly body brushes and bathroom accessories.

ST: a cheeky one, what's your little bad vice?
I love getting blocks of organic chocolate from Wray Organic Store and I melt it over fresh strawberries/bananas/apples...fondue style!

Thanks, Jodie....
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Jodie, herself...

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