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Over the years, I've come across many amazing people working within the Spa industry and it was on my recent visit to The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Malaysia that I met Dr. Daniel and thought he's passion for spa and wellness is worth sharing...

ST: What is your profession regarding spa and wellness, please tell us a bit about it?
 I've offered a rich cross-functional experience for over 9 years across Spa Management & Operations, Administration, Expert in wellness concept retreat, Quality Assurance, Safety and Team Management within the Hospitality sector in National and International environments. I'm fortunate to possess comprehensive knowledge of International Spa therapies, quality Spa operations and implementation of wellness based treatments and proven administrative skills in wellness destination spas, as well as excellent skills in setting up quality Spas providing innovative ideas in designing & selling Spa packages for destination and urban spas.

ST: How long have you been in the spa and wellness arena and what enticed you to get into it?
 I now have over 9 years experience across the Spa Management, Operations & Wellness Industry. Being a bachelor in the Indian Traditional Medicine – Ayurveda, its one of the most popular holistic healing medical approach that enticed me to be part of this great healing world.  

ST: what makes you happy in life?
  Being part of this wellness industry, serving people and knowing their satisfaction after achieving their expectations, satisfies me and makes me happy.

ST: How does what you offer benefit others?
 I believe that professionally being a holistic medical practitioner, I can put forward my expertise in Ayurveda and also my experience in spa industry and can help any organization, combined with their service-standards, deliver the best hospitality and wellness experience to our guests.

I try my best to deliver my experience in terms of management and administration whilst working with any organization, so that the organization benefits the best and then can deliver the best in terms of team work.

ST:  What’s your wish for the future?
 I want to be a renowned ambassador of the wellness industry, a spokesman and an international consultant for spa management.

ST: A cheeky one, what’s your little bad vice?
 I believe that I have learned to overcome most of my bad vice over a period of 10 years, and I try to deliver the best of my effort. I create my own deadlines for all task to deliver the best.
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Dr. Daniel

Visit here to discover more on the The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat in Malaysia, which offers an array of wellness packages ranging from: Longevity, Rejuvenation, Weight Loss, Fitness and Detoxification - travel alone or with a friend or loved one.  You just may meet Dr Daniel!
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