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We often bench-mark or define time within our life around significant birthdays or special moments. Once the celebrated twenty-first is over, it becomes the 'significant decade birthday' that divides our living.  It's those decades of twenties, thirties, forties and so on that can create our life story.  For some the twenty's may have been marriage and creating a family, for others it may have been travelling and socialising or thirties establishing a career and so on.
Myself, being in my forth decade of life, it's this time in life that I'm hearing of people, via Spa Wellness Travel and my personal life, being more conscious of their well-being and mortality.  These people have struck a cord in mind, as they are mostly within the forty age bracket and they are wanting to make change to their well-being.  The discussions have surrounded looming health issues such diabetes, chronic fatigue, weight gain or the loss of general fitness.  These people are feeling the effects due to lack of exercise, poor diet and the overload of work consumption. They are not leading a balanced life and they want change.  It's also this age group that are speaking and having concerns of their parents ageing ailments gently creeping in, the parents having to be moved into a nursing home and the further deterioration of their existence that is to be expected or its the experience of a parent, friend or relative passing-away.
It this age bracket, do we call it 'middle-aged' where we feel the deterioration of our being and that once confronted with poor health experiences makes us question our existence and how we live our life.
It's with these thoughts on age and well-being that I wish to ask:
Can you relate to this? Are you somebody who has altered your lifestyle, whether it be a change of job to eliminate stress, a change of diet or exercise regime to improve your general well-being? Or was this change stimulated by your own health scare or the acknowledgement of someone close to you deteriorating health?
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We'd love to hear...thank you. Enjoy your day ahead x

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  1. Yes!!! green fruits and vegetable are god for health. Juice can control your weight too.

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