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There is much that I've wanted to share, and much that I've had to keep and process within myself.  This pondering and procrastinating commenced, when I was diagnosed with a recurrence breast cancer at the start of May. I wanted to write, but write about what?  To think the starting moment was eight weeks ago or maybe, I should say nearly two years ago when I first felt the lump and reported it. But what seems odd, but good is that from that recent "announcing" appointment, there has been a flurry of medical appointments. It seems to be the structure of a dot-to-dot picture that I'm still in the midst of  and due to the number of first-time experiences amongst all this, I now simply define it as "its all weird" with a smile.

The past two months have included mammograms, biopsies, ultrasounds, scans, blood tests, a mastectomy and the commencement of chemotherapy at the end of June.  All has been orchestrated by many people in their varying aspects of life, with whom i would never have normally met.

What has flourished within my life during this time is my relationship with family and friends. They have always been there, great for a laugh, a story and sharing a moment.  But at of a time of undesirable news; it is their infectious humour, love, support and generosity that has and is helping me be at ease with the hurdles being jumped.  It's also the varying elements within 'spa' that I have pulled on to assist and comfort me through it thus far. 

When I speak of 'spa', I speak of a fabulous signature spa treatment that I experienced at Aurora Day Spa a few days before surgery which was a gift from friends. Fresh fruit and vegetables are used to create my morning juice, whether it be a green or immune booster. Continuing to gently dry-body-brushing my body each day before my morning shower, which is then followed by moisturising and now a ritual of massaging of my left arm and chest.  The joy of gentle exercise whether it be a walk, doing a few squats, cat poses or arm rotations.  Eating wholesome freshly made meals and listening to my body, I surrender to the need of rest during the day for a nap or yoga nidra. Then on some nights, I retreat to bed with the aroma candle (I was lucky to have received a few!) burning on the bedside table, allowing time for my mind, body and spirit to be in the moment and be grateful for all and that it is what it is.   Karen x
Day by day ~ mum words of wisdom
Make these juices or create your own...
Place in a blender handful of raspberries, 1/2 a peeled lemon, a stick of celery, 1/2 a green apple and 1/2 a cup of coconut water.  The first mouth is full of zing!

This Green Juice recipe was given to me from The Farm year ago and it is still a favourite:
Into a blender place 1/2 green apple, 1/2 celery stick, 5cm length of cucumber cut into four, a good pinch of alfalfa and 1/2 cup of coconut water.  Enjoy!

Breast Cancer is prevalent in our society today and survival rates are great due to early detection and treatments available.  I respect each person's encounter with breast cancer is personal and varying, and that experiences, diagnoses and treatments will all differ, just as we as people being made up of a mind, body and spirit all vary. I may keep sharing my more and I am more than happy to hear your stories of how spa or wellbeing activities has or is assisting you deal with breast cancer.

If you require or wish to discover more regarding breast cancer, here are some resources available:

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