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If you’ve had a chance to read my little insert in our Spa Travel Collection 2013 booklet, you would’ve read that I enjoy my life in moderation; I’m not an extremist with my diet or fitness regimes.  Then again, maybe I am, because I so enjoy living a happy healthy life and that’s why Spa Travel was established, to link with like minded persons who wish to maintain, enhance or embark upon new experiences for their happiness and wellbeing whilst on holiday.
Due to the variety of spa and wellness packages Spa Travel has on offer, I get to speak with clients wanting to escape for numerous reasons and one of those is for fitness.  Crazy you may think, I kind of do.  Don’t get me wrong, when I’m on holiday either at a spa resort, spa health retreat or some other soft adventure getaway, I’m always participating in some form of activity – trekking, yoga, beach walks, table tennis (love it, for a giggle!), swimming, snorkelling or leisurely bike ride, whatever.  When I speak of clients wanting ‘fitness’, they are wanting the gym, the trainer, the sessional workouts, they are focused and dedicated to maintaining their level of fitness and motivation, I think that is awesome. 
The time and effort we put into fitness or exercise does affect our decisions, activities, opportunities, relationships and I’m sure there are other parts of life that benefit, that you can mention.  We know, we’ve heard it on tv, we’ve read it magazines, medical practitioners should be speaking of it - active men and women have fewer health issues, increased strength, improved bone and joint health, greater energy and endurance, sleep easier and better weight control.   It is great hearing of friends and people I meet say “oh, I love to go for a run, that’s where I get to clear my head” or “that is my time, I come home and the family get a happier me” or “l’ll do some bikram yoga, kilometres of cycling, a gym session all for variety”.  I know myself by adding one weekly SUP boarding session over the past few months to my regular walks and yoga stretching, my body feels stronger and my endurance and ease for my power walks has increased.  Now, I need to start running up and down the stairs at the beach! 
So, if you’re pondering a holiday and wanting to maintain your level of fitness, enhance it or kick start it, consider at stay at:
MesaStila, Indonesia  – Fitness centre – cardiovascular & resistance, Jungle gym – high and low bars, balancing beams, stability posts, lifting stones, boot camp style tyre run, hurdles, chin-up bars and jumping units – Labyrinth & Reflexology walk, Tennis court, Yoga, Fitness sessions - circuit training, Penack silat, core strength, stretching, power walking – Mountain bike and Trekking retreats.
Absolute Sanctuary & Yoga Centre, Thailand  – Fully equipped yoga studios – hot, flow, hatha, detox yoga, yin yang, restorative, pranayama & meditation – a  20m Swimming pool, Fitness studio – circuit training, cardio exercise, boot camp.
Amanpulo, Philippines – 30m Swimming pool, Tennis courts, Windsurfing, Kayaking, Snorkelling, Scuba diving, Nature walks, Yoga and Meditation pavilion, Fitness pavilion – pilates and fresh-air gymnasium.
Of course most hotels and resorts have a gym, that’s a thing from the 80’s.  It is great to see some resorts and hotels going that step further and adding yoga mats in your room, not everyone wants to step into well light room with mirrors, but we do want a work out!  If you love to exercise I’m sure your runners are guaranteed to be packed, if exercise is not your dedicated thing, do yourself a favour and pack your runners.  I’ve been on some amazing power walks around cities at sunrise or little exploratory journeys on islands – in my runners, gratefully!

Absolute Sanctuary & Yoga Centre

Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary & Wellness Spa

me - just go!!
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