Do you know your Passion?

Through my businesses, I get to meet wonderful and interesting people who enjoy chatting about spa, wellness and travel.  Recently it was Tania Moloney who caught my attention, she had just returned from America gaining insight to testing, questioning and assisting people with their Passions.
Now, this is not your love passion, well maybe for some, but your life passion or passions.  Over the years I’ve heard friends, clients and colleagues speak off their Passions, but I’ve never intentionally pondered or questioned my Passions.  I know I’ve said to myself “I’ve been true to myself as to where I’ve wanted to live and what I’ve wanted to do”.  But what Tania was going to ask me to do, was list my Passions down on paper.  Oh, dear. 
Daunting at first, but then it became fun. It was a “yeh” moment, where you could just let it flow, who cares, there’s no right or wrong.  Its about me.    Task done; I ended up with seventeen Passions.  Those seventeen Passions where then condensed to five.  Condensing my Passions was an interesting task, as Tania questioned me on the priority of each, I hesitated and ummed and arrhed, but with Tania’s continuous questioning, I found my five and I love them.  I agree with them.  
On reviewing my Passions, I felt I was already living them.  Tania then set another task to discover how intently am I living my Passions by scoring them between 1 - 10.  Interesting scores.  It made realise there is more room for me to live what I love to do.  The remaining twelve Passions where not dismissed, they simply become makers to help me further live and enhance my Passions.
I still have some ‘homeplay’ tasks to do, but what I’ve discovered is that I am living my Passions that range from honesty, truth, memorable moments, living wholesomely and sustainably with happiness and well-being and ease – and that I have a lots of wow ahead of me.
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Passion Test Certified - Tania Moloney contact directly on M:  0409 843 965
I’ve been in the Health and Wellness industry for the past 20 years, and working in my business Stressworks Corporate Health for the past 14 helping businesses be proactive in the health and wellbeing of their employees. I ‘found’ The Passion Test (or perhaps it found me!) a few years ago and it really got me excited about finding clarity around what was most important to me and learning how to live with passion and purpose. After doing it a few times and seeing amazing things happen in my life as a result, I felt I just had to share it with the world, and becoming a Certified Passion Test Facilitator really spoke to my heart. I love helping people find their passions and seeing how it lights them up and changes their lives! So now, as well as running Stressworks, I also do Passion Test 1 on 1 sessions, Group Workshops, Mentoring and even Passion Test Parties!

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