absolute carrot cake

I thought I'd try my hand at baking, my mother is good at it and so was my Nana.  And I've been edging to create a dish out from the "food made with LOVE from the love KITCHEN" Absolute Sanctuary holistic recipe book. 
It filled in a Sunday afternoon and had me on the phone to my mum a couple of times, to confirm I had the correct technique for creaming and folding. I creamed the butter and sugar by hand, tip: the butter had been sitting at room temperate for the day, so it was soft.  Folding, had me remincising of my Nana; her gentle-soft sweep of the spatula, folding the ingredients over each other, she performed it with such a lite and respectful manner.
I made two cakes, as I didn't have the recommended round tin size to make one.  Not a problem.  It just meant, I had two cakes to eat!
Put the apron on, turn the music up, pull out your equipment, line up your ingredients and keep following the recipe.  It was a great afternoon...

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