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It is a defined treatment that is unique to the spa location you are at, so do go and explore and experience. Besides the benefits reaped from having a spa treatment, booking in for a 'Signature Spa Treatment' will give insight to a spa treatment, that want be experienced elsewhere.
Most day spas including spas within a resort, health retreat or hotel will offer a Signature Treatment. When perusing a spa menu you'll see massages, facials, body scrubs, a foot rub and the like, but its when you glance over the Signature Treatment, things can get rather interesting.  It is often the fabulous spa manager or spa product available at the spa, that has created this unique combination of treatments. 
I'm reflecting over the blissful L'iTya treatments, they never cease to make be feel good, the attention to detail from the start to finish of a treatment, brings a smile to the face.
Another Signature Treatment I experienced was at Bali Sentosa Private Villas and I was apprehensive to begin with as it involved chocolate!  It involved a chocolate scrub, massage, bathe and the time I got to the tub and surrendered to the rejuvenating attention and aroma, I had tears rolling down my face.  There was a feeling of this is ridiculous, but the fact is, the aroma made me stop and realise all I had done and achieved to get to this point in time. It was awesome.
Within Spa Travel we also offer a slice of uniqueness, by offering our Signature Service, here we can create benefiting, rejuvenating and fun spa packages for a group of friends or work colleagues wishing to stay at a spa resort or spa health retreat and it is endless to what we can create!
I've asked the stunning spa properties within our Spa Travel Collection to share a Signature Treatment from within their spa menu...
The Fortress, Sri Lanka
Complementing the global menu of international therapies, the spa incorporates the indigenous culture of Sri Lanka by offering signature Ayurvedic therapies that a non-invasive while true to form.  Before and after treatments, guests can indulge in complimentary sublime water therapies which include a sauna, steam or hydro-bath.

Exclusively designed for Absolute Sanctuary by Frederique Deleague an International spa consultant from France, this facial using Jurlique products works on the physical, emotional and mental levels at the same time. Combining a facial with aromatherapy, reflexology and an anti-stress meridians massage, you enter a journey which will induce relaxation, relieve you of your stresses, rebalance and rejuvenate both your physical and mental being.
Symmetry Couple's Experience - Symmetry body massage, exfoliation, herbal bath and facial with cooling jade roller.
Begin with a ritual footbath to relax and prepare your body for a balancing massage.  The experience continues with a detoxifying and invigorating body exfoliation with a sea salt scrub followed by a herbal bath (clove, star anise, cinnamon or peppermint) to prepare for a natural cleansing facial using a cooling jade roller to seal the pores.

Amanpulo, Philippines
Aman journey is a 2hr and 15minute signature treatment that is designed to rid of stress, toxins and tension. Blending the traditional Hilot massage and Dagdagay foot treatment with Aman touches, delivering a sense of deep relaxation.
Signature Massage is the Pulo Massage, combining reiki, swedish, reflexology and hilot massage techniques. Choose from a pre-mixed Aman essence: Relax, Haromonise, Energise or Rejuvenate - to promote the desired mental and physical state.


  1. These are all great choices. High quality spas and massage therapies can help you obtain relaxation that you never knew.

  2. So true Meg, taking the time to surrender to a fabulous spa treatment is worth it! enjoy...


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