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There is nothing more debilitating mentally or physically than sleep deprivation.  At some stage in our life, we've experienced that feeling of having, what I call a wired mind, where the mental chit-chat or thought processing keeps you tossing and turning.  For me lately, my sleep has been hindered by cold feet and cramps! After watching the dvd below of Dr Karina Stewart, from Kamayala Wellness Sanctuary, it was comforting to hear the changes I made and what have improved my sleep, where Dr Karina recommnedations. I brought some magnesium and am wearing socks to bed.  The suggestion of warm lavender water or a foot massage before bed sounds great and feels cozy thinking about.
Whatever your current reason is for not sleeping well, it can be altered. If you do have debilitating sleeping habits, that come and go or one that is lingering longer than you are happy or comfortable with, maybe it is time to check-in and experience Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary's newest program: Sleep Enhancement available for 5, 7 or 9 nights stays.  This program commences 1 June, it can be experienced as a retreat on its own or combine it with one of the spa and wellness packages on offer.
Contact: Spa Travel for further information or a reservation T:03-5254 1411

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