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I've packed by bag and I'm about to embark on a 3 day / 2 night wellness retreat at Barwon Heads Resort.
This inaugural retreat is featuring health expert Tyler Tolman, to which is promising to be a transformational weekend that will educate, invigorate and energise us attendees to a new level of health and well-being.
I'm not sure what is really in store, but I've been informed we'll be participating in morning yoga, dining on meals that are vegetarian, gluten and dairy free, listening to talks from Tyler, braving the beach for a walk (the current weather is wet and windy) and a massage for relaxation.
The philosophy that Tyler and Chef Cynthia embrace is simplicity is best...meaning the food we consume is to be as close to nature as nature intended. Now, that is something I agree with...bye for now until I see you at the other end. ENJOY!
What to expect

Well, I'm back! What a full on weekend. It was great being up at 5.30am hydrating my body with many glasses of alkalized water followed by stretching exercises, yoga and the likes.  Chef Cynthia, created fabulous vegan meals, seriously, I want to get a vitamiser! She made a sour cream and yogurt without using any dairy - almonds, hmmm what you can do with them. The highlight of the weekend, was having my consciousness pushed further in acknowledging the amount of additives in our foods and toiletries, whether companies claim they don't, you'll find them hidden in there somewhere. Thinking of the products and/or produce we apply to our skin, put in our mouth daily does make you ponder.  
Stay well and happy!

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