Bodecare - dry body brushing

It was during a spa treatment that I first experience dry body brushing. My initial thoughts were, arrrhh, but at the same time grateful, as the therapist was removing my dead dry flaky skin cells!  In Ayurveda terms my dosha (body type) has a tendency to have cold hands and feet and dry skin, hence I always moisturise after my shower.  For years I've curious to know more about dry body brushing, as I've heard of the benefits, but never did anything about it until now.
You may have noted on Spa Wellness Travel's FaceBook page a month or so ago, I was having trouble getting into the habit of using my new body brush before my daily shower.  Well, I have now mastered the habit and my skin is feeling and looking better for it. 
It was years ago at a conference that I met Jodie Smith from Bodecare.  Her passion and diligence to deliver the best body brushes and instruction is inspirational.  Spa Travel had a chat with Jodie, her responses were in abundance, so we've had to link her words here >

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