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New to Fivelements ~ Puri Ahimsa's spa menu are these two benefiting spa treatments.  To introduce these spa treatments to you Fivelements~Puri Ahimsa is offering an exclusive offer for spa treatments that are experienced before the end of May.  Read on and book your stay at Fivelements~Puri Ahimsa today...
Matcha Green Tea Facial     90 minutes
This high-powered Anti-Aging Facial recharges and restores the balance of the skin.  Matcha green tea powder is renowned for its powerful health benefits.  One of the richest sources of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals, this matcha green tea facial aims to feed the skin while protecting it and activating healthy skin cell growth.  Let your thoughts drift away as you begin this treatment with a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage. Your face will then be gently cleansed and exfoliated with an oatmeal-cereal scrub high in silica and amino acids, followed by a soothing face massage with deeply moisturising virgin coconut oil.  A nourishing matcha emerald-green tea mask will then be applied to the face and eyes.  Enjoy this enlivening experience.
Special Offer:  USD$80      Normal price: USD$115

Or perhaps you'd like to share a treatment?

Fivelements Signature Couples Ritual - Hibiscus Prema     110 minutes
Indulge in a romantic rendezvous with your loved one.  Synchronise your pleasure, while nestled side by side in the comfort of the couples suite, listening to the sound of the rushing Ayung River and jungle wildlife.  Together you will be massaged from head to toe and immersed by the love-enhancing and harmonising aroma of the patchouli-rose Love essence, Prema. Complete your romantic journey floating in a red hibiscus flower bath, while enjoying a glass of chilled rosella kombucha tisane - celebrating love.
Special Offer:   USD$228            Normal price:  USD$285
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Also, exclusive to Spa Travel is a 10% saving on packages for stays before 31 May 2012.  Retreat and revitalise today with Balinese treatments and philosophies.  The experience is mentally and physically altering!


  1. look forward to going there

  2. I agree with you. In today’s busy life, we have to once, while in a month to spa, for relaxing. Recent phenomenon has been the rise in popularity of beauty salons. Many people now, treat a trip to the salon, not only as a necessity, as they did in old times, but also as a leisure activity. Groups of friends go to a salon, together and spend several hours having various treatments, whilst caching up on all of the gossips. Salon treatments in general have also, become much more popular.


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