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Our body’s skin in the largest organ, it holds our internal organs, muscles and skeletal system in place, regulates our temperatures and allows us to be sensitive to touch.  It’s also a route for absorption; the absorption and the effects of what is being applied to our skin, depends on the concentrate of the product.   Other factors such as inhalation, ingestion and injection are also another avenue to which substances can enter our body.
It’s here; I want to think about organic products. I’m a moderate not an extremist, I do buy, eat and apply organic where possible. Why? Because, it makes sense to use produce that is of its utmost natural state.  Think of all the items – product and produce that we'd put into our body, over a lifetime and if it’s not natural or fresh, there has to be a build or strain on our body of the toxins overtime.  I think of my mother’s upbringing, 50-60 years ago she had no take away, no fast foods, her meals were from the land and prepared and cooked by her mother.  I also grew up with home cooked meals and biscuits, but I was introduced to Fish’n’Chips on a Friday night and McDonalds for a birthday treat!  What we put into our bodies now for most of us, has differed from those many years prior.
The spa properties within our Spa Wellness Travel Collection do maintain practises in either environmental or community sustainability or the use of organic produce. So, I was intrigued to know what they offered to guests as organic. Here are their responses:

Kamalaya uses the Sodashi skincare range for all facial treatments. "Sodashi products are 100% chemical free, luxurious and effective. In Sanskrit, Sodashi translates to “wholeness, purity and radiance”, and these words aptly describe Sodashi products and unique spa treatments. Produced in Australia, Sodashi’s skin and body care products and spa therapies use only natural sources from the earth and sea, including extracts and essential oils of the highest grade.”

“Also at Kamalaya, cuisine is an integral part of our holistic health concept. Kamalaya offers artful and inspired cuisine that is healing in function and tantalising in form. Merging culinary traditions of East and West and using fresh, tropical and, where possible, organic produce, the menus include extensive vegetarian options as well as seafood, poultry and lamb dishes. Around 70% of the produce served is organic and the aim is to increase this figure to 80% by the end of the year.”

Due to Kamalaya's amazing cuisine efforts they recently were awarded:  Best Conscious Cuisine at the 2011 Crystal Awards Asia Pacific in Singapore and Spa Cuisine of the Year at the 7th Annual AsiaSpa Awards in Hong Kong.

Fivelements, Puri Ahimsa prides itself on its spa ingredients and products being: harvested by hand and cruelty-free, selected for their therapeutic properties and genuine effectiveness and are preservative free, as well as being locally sourced, organic and natural, the products are developed by a Naturopathic Herbalist, an Aromatherapy Consultant and a Chemical Analyst with packaging only using recycled or natural materials.
Bath & Body Oils and Oil Essence:
- A blend of pure essential and flower oils in 100% plant oil base.
- All ingredients are of natural or organic origin and are certified where possible.
Volcanic Body Rituals:
- A selection of organically grown herbs and grains combined with 100% pure essential oil and wild harvested clay
Bali Spice Rituals:
- A combination of organically grown herbs and spices, certified organic essential oil and natural sea salt with pure wild harvested clay
All products contain NO:   Sulphates, Petroleum, Parabens, Artificial additives or preservatives

Absolute Sanctuary uses fresh organic produce to create their meals, where possible.  They recently launched Pevonia Facial and Slimming treatments and Massage oils which are organic, the co-founder and Vice President of Pevonia Botanica advises the following “From its inception in 1991, Pevonia Botanica has pioneered environmental conservation within the spa industry by launching its extensive range of 100% natural, organic & botanical cruelty-free formulations with eco-packaging”.
Next time you put something in your mouth or on your skin, think: has it been processed, where has it come from… the thoughts following are yours.

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