Happy New Year...the year ahead

Its the end of one year and the start of another.  I love this time year, its where we can close the door on some habits and patterns and make a fresh start or set some new goals.   It is a fabulous time to ponder, dream and plan the many things we can or wish to do or change within the year, whether it be a short or long term time range.
The end of a year helps define an ending; giving us a marker, to which we don't want to go beyond.  Thus, giving us the opportunity to stand up and say, this is what I want for this year....
So, whether it be a new years resolution, a goal, a favour or treat to yourself - create your bucket list and do it!
Need some suggestions?  Well, here are 5 spa ideas that maybe best for you...
1. Gather eight of your friends and spend a day retreating at a day spa - most day spa's will coordinate a fabulous lunch when requested - best for sharing a laugh and creating a memory.
2. Be determined to put your sneakers in your holiday luggage and book a 5 Night Executive Recharge Retreat - best for clearing your mind and rejuvenating your body!
3. Take time some dedicated time for you and loved one and retreat in your private villa. - best for chilling out and reconnecting.
4. Escape to Sri Lanka where you can explore an interesting country, then empower your body with ayurvedic treatments suited to your dosha (body type). - best for the curious and casually sophisticated persons.
5. If food is your thing, escape before March and experience wholesome spa cuisine and cooking classes at Absolute Sanctuary. - best for retreating and giving your body a good rest.
Bali Sentosa
MesaStila, Central Java
The Fortress, Sri Lanka
Whatever you have installed for the year ahead, embrace the moment, enjoy the laugh....
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