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Into the Spa Travel Collection 2012 we are delighted to welcome Absolute Sanctuary & Yoga Centre, located on the small tropical island, Koh Samui in Thailand. The array of therapies and treatments, the style and design of the accommodation and retreat made Absolute Sanctuary, a must for the collection.
They have a varying range of programs that incorporate Detox, Yoga and Spa, but here I wish to introduce their latest.
Do you ever feel like you need a physical workout, the need to shift and change a gear, up the anti! so, that you gain that feel good boost? Well, here is were you can.  Absolute Sanctuary have just released a BE Fit program, the packages range from 5, 7 or 10 nights.  All programs include your accommodation, wholesome spa cuisine meals and the daily scheduled activities.  But, your focus for this retreat will be a comprehensive fitness assessment from which a tailor-made program will be created to meet your fitness goals. There will be personalised fitness sessions, a variety of exercises including cardio vascular workout, weight training sessions, book camp, pilates, Muay Thai sessions - to work every part of your body.
A daily yoga class will be ensured to give a flexibility work out, keeping your body balanced in addition to the resistance and cardio vascular training.  To keep your energy up you'll be given power blast super shakes, whilst rejuvenating spa treatments will heed the relaxation.
Go on BE Fit...its your call!
For all Guidance, Advice and Reservations contact: Spa Travel or your preferred travel agent. 
Remember, a spa health retreat is a fabulous place to escape on your own!

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