refreshing ginger tea...

This is a great drink for anytime of year...
So, when you're feeling sluggish or just need that refreshing replenish, brew yourself a pot of ginger tea. The benefits of drinking ginger tea are that it boosts your immune system, cures nausea, eases digestion, can calm upset stomachs and improve circulation.  All you need to do is:
- peel and slice a nob of ginger
- place it in a tea-pot, then fill the tea-pot with boiling water
- allow to steep for 5 minutes, then serve with either honey or lemon

This has made me stop and think of all varying times I've had ginger tea... The first would have been at Mandara Spas in Bali and then over the years, other spas throughout Asia. My first thoughts were it tasted horrid, especially in Asia as they brew it so strong.  Also, I recall whilst in Phuket on a work trip, I came down with a severe headache and cold, feeling absolutely sorry-for-myself as I had to do resort inspections, the Banyan Tree staff where very caring and advised I drink plenty of ginger tea. Years later, I still keep a jug of water, lemon and ginger in easy reach for myself and guests to replenish with. Enjoy!

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