domestic goddess in bali...

This is a journey where women can escape and become a domestic goddess in bali...
Maya Ubud Spa

It will be tough, only the resilient and dedicated, on returning home to their family and friends, blissed out can say they "succeeded". 

Now, just imagine...your plane has landed you are in Bali - the Land of Temples...this, journey is not about partying -if that is what you are into, you couldn't handle this. You may pretend, but you'd suffer. Back to the journey. Before you know it, you are warmly greeted, both by your guide and the tropical climate, before being whisked away to your abode, Maya Ubud, for the next five nights. An award winning abode - tough I know.

Rock Bar, Ayana Resort

But, we must keep moving, there's lots to do...On your first night you will congregate with your friends to share a dinner, no doubt accompanied by laughter and chatting.  If you survive that, you a good.  But, it gets tougher.  On day two, you will be collected from Maya Ubud and given the opportunity to explore the local culture, lifestyle and cuisine...yes, you have to earn the privilege of such an insight and cook your own lunch. Then, it is off to experience the sacred Hindu Temple, Tanah Lot...from this journey you will return exhausted, but remember the pace of Bali is not fast.  Your remaining four days, will allow you time to rejuvenate with a spa treatment or two, a  thalasso session, another cooking class this time at the renown French cuisine restaurant Mosaic, you may like to take the opportunity to take a nature walk or yoga class, but remember, you are with your friends.  They love you, but you need to be resilient and dedicated to the task at hand - you've given yourself the task to become a domestic goddess in bali...remember, the journey is about you, then them.  So, enjoy the time, the chatting, laughter and experiences.  Then, when you return home, you can say you were a domestic goddess in bali.
Thermes Marin Spa

To book you and your friends to become a  domestic goddess in bali, simply contact Spa Travel or preferred travel agent (australia) to confirm your journey.
Dates are available on our Spa Calender for 2011.

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